The mission of the spiritual apostolate is to integrate all aspects of our social, educational, and pastoral activities into spiritual programs that promote a transformative and inter-religious spirituality on the basis of dialogue between Ignatian tradition and other religious traditions, especially the Theravada Buddhist tradition. The Jesuits in Cambodia have been accompanying people for spiritual direction and giving retreats and talks. Jesuit Mission also provides Cambodian Youth opportunities to meet God more deeply through MAGIS program.


In the context of Jesuit motto: “Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam”, the word MAGIS (Latin) means ‘more’ or ‘greater’. It is a program which the Society of Jesus, in conjunction with other religious institutes offers to young people to know and to practice Ignatian Spirituality. MAGIS was introduced to Cambodia along with other Asia Pacific countries in 2008. Youth Ministry JCAP (Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific) accomplished developing MAGIS Program by MAGIS Formation Module and MAGIS JCAP Gathering. There is MAGIS JCAP Gathering every 2 years and in 2019 the gathering will be held in Thailand.

MAGIS Cambodia has the aim to introduce Ignatian Spirituality to the lays, especially young people who, in the Ignatian paradigm, are the owners of this Spirituality itself. Ignatian Spirituality, therefore, could help them to build relationships with themselves, with God, with others, and with nature. Thus, the program is expected to prepare the younger generation as lay cadres both for the Church and for the Nation that possess Ignatian Spirituality.

Spiritual Apostolate

The Spiritual Apostolate mainly works for the Cambodian youth with faith, international missionaries including both the clergy and the lay people. These people desire to grow with the church however have difficulty having access to the right opportunities. Responding to such needs, Jesuit in Cambodia is at the forefront to spiritually guide these people through one-on-one spiritual directions, retreats, and other talks. In order to support such spiritual works, there is a great need for more spiritual resources, materials, and books.