Living in Harmony in Our Common Home

Reconciliation with God, Humanity, and Creation

5 Year Action Plans by the Institutions (2019-2023)

Apostolic Prefecture of Battambang
  1.  To document and promote best practices and success-stories of solid waste management and sustainable farming methods in the Prefecture. 
  2. Assist all church communities to put in place a local solid waste management system and sustainable farming.
  3. To promote a renewed philosophy of stewardship for the earth and sustainable life by educating present and future generations of farmers and members of our Catholic communities.
Education of Jesuit Mission Cambodia
  1. Create awareness of ecology and environment programs for secondary schools.
  2. Providing workshops in ecological awareness to university students in Cambodia.
  3. Advocating ecological awareness through Cambodia Academic Network (CAN).
Jesuit Service Cambodia
  1. To establish an MOU with local communities and Governmental authorities for better collaboration in the protection and conservation of their natural resources.
  2. To make at least one environment education module to be introduced in secondary schools.
  3. To produce land cover maps or studies of Prey Lang / Stung Sen Core area showing the changes over the years to be shared with local communities.
  4. To supply other JSC offices materials they can use to engage in activities related to climate change.
Spiritual Apostolate
  1. To adapt the spirituality of Laudato Si to the context of Cambodia.
  2. Providing talks and workshops on the adapted Laudato Si to the inside and outside of the local church and youths.