Addressing the Needs of Local Church

Reconciliation with God, Humanity, and Creation

5 Year Action Plans by the Institutions (2019-2023) 

Apostolic Prefecture of Battambang
  1. To develop greater synergy among all the members of Jesuit mission and our communities.
Education of Jesuit Mission Cambodia
  1. Advocating religious vocation among the youth in our schools and education institutions.
Jesuit Service Cambodia
  1. To determine the priorities of the diocese and how JSC can be supportive and helpful.
  2. Continue to provide presentations on environmental issues to local communities and religious houses.
  3. Continue coordination with the diocese regarding needs related to persons with disabilities.
Spiritual Apostolate
  1. To provide weekend retreats for the youths of our local church.
  2. To provide 8 days and 30 days retreats to the religious and lay in our local parishes.
  3. To offer the Spiritual Exercise in Everyday Life (19th annotation) for parishioners.
  4. Formation of 5 – 10 Cambodian spiritual directors, both religious and laity for the local church.